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Caucasus Mountains




Kazbegi is the principal town of the province of Khevi, situated on the banks of the Tergi River at an altitude of 1,850 meters. Kazbegi is a quintessential alpine town with beautiful mountains, lakes and historical monuments. The town is near Russian border. On the way to Kazbegi we meet amazing fortress Ananuri.

  1. Ananuri fortress- is a superb sixteenth century fortress complex in the Aragvi River Valley. It is one of the most spectacular examples of the architecture of the period. With its crenellated walls, drum and cone cupolas, and defensive towers seen against the surrounding forested mountains, it is among the most memorable monuments along the entire stretch of your journey. It certainly stands as testimony to the life of the warring dukes of that feudal period, conjuring up deeds of chivalry and treachery.

  2. Gergeti Holy Trinity Church- is a fourteenth century cupola church with its bell tower perched on an outcropping 2,170 meters above the village of Gergeti. The church is mentioned in ancient Georgian chronicles as a place where treasures were hidden during invasions.


Tour in Kakheti - Lying in the easternmost part of Georgia, the province of Kakheti is justly renowned as the most important wine-growing region of Georgia. Every village produces its own kind of wine. Kakheti is also rich in historic monuments.

  1. Telavi - the largest town in Kakheti and visit to the museum of king Erekle II, who was the father of the last king of Georgia (XVIII century).

  2. The Gremi Castle- dated back to XV-XVII century. The castle was the residence of kakhetian Kings. The place was well developed and it was decorated with fountains. Nowadays the castle is museum. The exposition represents XVI century artifacts like exes, jewelry, daggers of wine, ceramic pottery and act.

  3. Tsinandali – castle-museum of Alexander Chavchavadze. The castle was the house of Georgian royal family and it is surrounded by the garden of exotic plants. Tourists can taste Georgian wine there. Visit to Shuamta architectural complex with beautiful nature around it.


The tour includes visit to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia which was founded in the 5th century. It is one of the most ancient cities in the world.  The city is favorably situated on both banks of the River Mtkvari and is protected on three sides by mountains.  The city is impressive with its culture, people, historical heritage, and unique monuments. Tbilisi is mixture of Asian and European culture.

  1. Abanotubani-is located at the eastern bank of the Mtkvari River at the foot of Narikala. Abanotubani is an important historic part of the city — the place, where according to a legend the king’s falcon fell, leading to a discovery of the hot springs and, subsequently, to founding of a new capital.

  2. Legvtakhevi-the canyon is located near the Abanotubani, the place is surrounded with high cliffs, from where a river falls. Legvtakhevi was the part of the ancient city, nowadays the canyon is the of the most important and magnificent tourist site.

  3. The Mosque-dated back to VI century. Nowadays it is active and is the only Mosque that serves both Sunni and Shiite Muslims directions.

  4. Narikhalathe ancient fortress dated back to 4th century, it has been destroyed many times however, Narikhala still retains its glory.

Visit to Mtskheta - The ancient capital of Georgia dated back to 4th-5th century. The city is situated at the confluence of Mtkvari and Aragvi Rivers.  Mckheta was the cultural and religion center of Georgia. It is the place where Georgians accepted Christianity in 337 by the king Mirian. The city is remarkable with its architecture. Georgian origin tile covered houses, wooden balconies and paved streets. Mckheta is in the list of the UNESCO.