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Vast choice for all tastes, ages and budgets


Guaranteed Sunshine (only cloudy or rainy for 5 days or so a year)

Warm & Comfortable for 9 months (30s), Hot for 3 over 40s.

Superior Infrastructure- Easy access for all Airports, Exceptional Public Transport, and Dubai has the world's newest metro with elevator access, and buses, taxis and water taxis are capable of handling push-chairs. The UAE is currently the only country in the Middle East with air-conditioned bus stops.

Superior, above World Standard Hotels- From the vast range available that cater to all tastes, ABL has rigorously selected those that can offer above average service and standards.

Culture- An intense indigenous pride and focus on regional culture makes UAE a great choice for any "culture vulture"

Events-UAE is an event hotspot, there is always something going on to appeal to all tastes, from sports to arts and entertainment.

Shopping-Impressive and vast air-conditioned malls offer the most discerning shoppers little time for breath. You name it; it's available here even if you have to browse through a traditional souk and haggle.

Health & Relaxation- UAE is the home to the world's top and most prestigious medical institutions and all kinds of modern therapies and treatments are possible. It is also the home to a vast number of alternative therapy sources, many focusing in holistic wellbeing and relaxation techniques that you will find yourself spoilt for choice.

Food- Eating & dining out in the UAE offers probably one of the most varied menu choices anywhere in the world. Varieties range from exquisite local & oriental cuisines to more familiar staple ones from Europe & the Americas, or modern fusions of all, some prepared by or under the supervision of a favorite "celebrity" TV chef.