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Adventure Sports


We feed any need for adventure, whether it be intense adrenalin rushes as you drive a race prepared car around a race track, or as you take a final gasp for breath as you leap from an aircraft for your first tandem parachute jump or before you descend into an aquatic world of serenity and color. From the fired heat of the vast golden Desert wilderness to the cooling heights of the high mountain peaks and the refreshing splash of the bluest seas, we have something for any adventurer, daredevil or less so.


How about a self drive private picnic in the remote desert? You drive yourself following our expert guide into little known wadis and over golden crested dunes. Stopping at the perfect spot to find your picnic setup and prepared, so all you need do is admire the view!


Or a Quad Bike Safari where you are able to whizz into the desert negotiating dunes and sand drifts with your own skill. Our expert guide will ensure you are properly tutored to safely get the most from your 4wheel bike experience. Absurd to some, perhaps, but it’s GREAT FUN! Try the latest Bedouin sports sensation, Down Dune Sand Boarding. With two feet on a simple board feel the rush as you carve your way down mountains of golden sand?