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Tours and Safaris





Tired of cities? Why not try getting back to nature with a trek through the mountains. Our guide will show you paths used for centuries known only to locals, goats and the last remaining few endangered species of wildlife resident in the Arabian Peninsula. We offer a connection with nature that in turn offers a fabulous and invigorating experience for any nature lover. Need a quicker pace up the track? Maybe you would rather peddle your way up and down the mountain. Just ask and we can arrange for you to bike it instead!


Like the sound of the Sea and salt in your hair? We have the most comprehensive range of aquatic activities around above and below the waves. Opt for a Private Beach Party BBQ and sleepover, waking for an early dip in the crystal seas and early days light. Cruise the coast, the boat gliding silently through the waves apart from the squeaks and blows of a playful pod of dolphins.


Like to see more? . Dive into a Dive Safari Cruise, from an underwater afternoon in an aquarium of sharks and rays or “a la naturel” into the ocean for a full day or even a longer live-aboard where you will gain the best chance to see all of the local marine magic from colored corals to dancing dolphins and whales or whale sharks.  Too calm or placid to raise your adrenalin?. Then speed at sea, might do it for you, take a spin and skim the waves on a jet ski or cruise on a luxury motor yacht. We even have fantastic Deep Sea Fishing Packages for single charters or groups wishing to organize their own fishing tournaments.