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Cultural Programs




Specialized and Unique Programs


ABL is proud to offer an exclusive range of tours and incentive programs for the growing number of tourists who wish to do more with their holiday other than the usual sit-on-the-beach, fine dine & shop packages. In respect to our clients’ needs and wishes, in all of our cultural initiatives, we use local and ethnic resources to produce specialized and unique programs.


The cultural scene within the U.A.E. is truly diverse representing the myriad of cultures that make up the new society here. It is therefore no surprise that the cultural world in the U.A.E is constantly growing with Arts of all kinds, especially music, theatre & painting.


The UAE heritage is extremely rich and is very proudly nurtured in all levels of local society. You will be amazed to see and astounded to realize the incredible impact an explosive leap forward into the future has made to local lifestyles.