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Shopping Excursions




Personalized shopping expeditions


Like to Shop until you Drop?  We have just the programs for you that are good for all ! We offer high end personalized shopping expeditions that are true purist pampering pursuits. Imagine a day out cruising from mall to mall in your own chauffeured limousine, cool premium refreshments as you travel and regain your strength for the next mall session. Your very own shopping assistant will guide you through lines and queues whether it be in a bazaar or at the most exclusive of outlets from Gucci to Cartier. We round off our shopping sprees with a well earned stopover at a Spa where you can relax unwind and indulge in a perfect wind down to a very full day before taking on the offerings of the evening.


Or maybe you are just a group of likeminded friends who simply share the passion of browsing. We have interesting options for all, especially in the Dubai Shopping Festival